Live Healthy Easily

Healthy living is becoming easier and harder than ever.  It is easier because humans have access to healthy options and food from around the world.  However, it is also becoming much more difficult due to a lot of false information about what is healthy and what isn’t.  One might be disillusioned to think that because it was bought in Whole Foods it is healthy.  While the probability is much higher, it is not always the case. 

In addition to healthy eating, exercise it key to longevity.  However, with work- life balance becoming more difficult to maintain this has also become a challenge.  There are some that may say, just be fit!  But this may not always be as simple as it appears.

Here are some tips to living a healthy lifestyle today.

just be fit

Keep your exercise clothes in your car

This is an easy way to make sure you go to the gym.  By the time you get home, you’re exhausted and cannot wait to crawl into bed.  However, if the clothes are in the car, you can go straight to the gym and leave the excuses behind.

Always pack a healthy snack

We love to think that we will eat 3 square meals and never want a snack, but that is simply not realistic.  Pack a snack in case.

Read labels!

Food labels are extremely important to know what is truly healthy and what isn’t.  Find out what chemicals and additives to avoid and make sure the top ingredients are all things you can pronounce.

Watch portion sizes

Most people think a bag is a portion, but frequently has two or three portions inside.  This can lead to overeating, which will cause weight gain. 

Exercise in breaks

During lunch breaks at work or commercial breaks in your favorite show, walk around or do squats to get your body moving.

Health doesn’t happen by accident, it takes a series of purposeful actions to create a lifestyle.